List of Affiliate Companies and Official Sponsors

Official Sponsors

The Game Haus

This journalistic enterprise produces articles and other various content covering both esports and traditional sports. The Game Haus is one of the few journalistic enterprises which covers the amateur/semi-professional esports scene. The Game Haus is an official sponsor of Imperial Esports events.

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Cherp LoL

This social app allows League of Legends eSports enthusiasts to chat while displaying real-time score updates for LCS matches in progress. Form private chat rooms to stick together with friends, or join public chat rooms to sling salty memes at fans of the opposing team with "Burn Packs" provided in-app. Cherp LoL is a proud official sponsor of Paleo Gaming's competitive eSports teams, and gaming community, as well as sponsoring Imperial Esports events.

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Partners and Affiliates



The members of Paleo Gaming love using this app, which makes it quick and easy to upload game stats from League of Legends games to many different forms of social media including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, GroupMe, and more!

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Host Havoc

Paleo Gaming is proud to use Host Havoc for hosting our ARK: Survival Evolved server. Their prices are very reasonable, their support staff are knowledgeable, responsive, and extremely helpful in both setting up and operating servers, and their server user interface is both intuitive and simple to use. We highly recommend them for all of your server needs!

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Full Cooperation

Full Cooperation is a Sweden-based team of video content providers that specialize in podcasts and interview series focused on the emerging industry of Esports. Full Cooperation now provides exclusive content for Paleo Gaming.

We also rely on the generous support of our fans and community members to continue to produce the highest possible quality content. If you are interested in helping to support Paleo Gaming, check out our Patreon page.