Imperial Esports: Competitive Tournament Circuits for the Amateur/Semi-Pro Scene

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The biggest issue facing amateur/semi-professional teams is lack of exposure. Imperial Esports helps to provide exposure to these relatively unknown teams through live, shout-casted streams on the Paleo Gaming page found here. Imperial Esports has established a reputation for providing an LCS-style tournament circuit which helps prepare teams for the rigors of the professional scene by pitting them against the majority of the highest skill level teams in the amateur/semi-professional scene. In addition, these events help teams to build important networking skills, opportunities to connect with other personalities and players within the industry, and provide a circuit style tournament that showcases their performance over an entire season (or multiple seasons as Imperial has high retention rates for returning teams). Creating events like this helps teams to participate in quality material for their fans to watch, and often helps teams to acquire new fans to expand their existing fan base. In addition, the Imperial Esports League has a relatively low cost of entry, and a competitive prize pool which is guaranteed- as opposed to sliding scale prize pools based upon how many teams sign up which many tournaments in the amateur scene utilize. Since the creation of Imperial Esports, a total of more than $7,000 has been paid out to teams across the past five seasons!

How can Imperial Esports provide these opportunities? It starts with reputation. Imperial Esports, which started hosting tournaments in Q1 of 2016 quickly rose to become one of the most respected names in competitive League of Legends at the amateur level. In June of 2016, Imperial Esports was purchased by Paleo Gaming, bringing financial stability to the event, and the reputation of another well-respected and large organization within the amateur/semi-professional scene. Together, Imperial Esports and Paleo Gaming have further reinforced the competitive integrity of the league (Paleo even forced their own teams to qualify for the tournament like everyone else), further clarified and refined the League rules, and helped make Season 3 the most successful Imperial Esports League season since Imperial Esports was formed!

Moving into Season 6 (Date TBD), additional changes have been implemented to further improve the league, with even more improvements planned on the horizon.

Important Dates for Season 6 of the Imperial Esports League:

Date TBD- Season 5 Promotion Tournament between top place IAL teams and bottom IPL teams to determine promotion

Date TBD- Spot retention forms are due for Season 6

Date TBD- IPL Registration fee ($100 USD) due for all IPL teams (automatically qualified- Post season 5 Promotion Tournament)

Date TBD- Season 6 of the IPL begins.

Date TBD- Season 6 IPL Playoffs begin.



The comprehensive rule book for the Imperial Esports Leagues can be found here. This comprehensive rule book has been updated to include changes in place for Season 6.

Imperial Esports Season 5 Placements:

IAL Placements

1. Super Nova Zero

2. Horizon Snow

3. Bendohvar Gaming

4. Mischief Pandemic

5. MidKnight Gaming Red

6. Mischief Plague

7. Upsurge eSports

8. Clubs Gaming

9. Dark Matter Gaming

10. MidKnight Gaming Black

11. Ever eSports

12. DefinitelyNotNike

IPL Placements

1. Wildcard Gaming

2. Team Viral

3. Paleo Tundra

4. Super Nova

5. Columbia College

6. Relentless Gaming

7. Team Sky

8. Zenith eSports

9. Horizon Light

10. Polar ACE

11. Team No Name

12. Team N/A

Imperial Esports Season 4 Placements:

IAL Placements

1. Exile Ember

2. TechLoL

3. Bendohvar Gaming

4. Redbird eSports

5. Precessions

6. Paleo Academy

7. Paleo Storm

8. Paleo Sandstorm

9. Paleo White

10. Team Brult

IPL Placements

1.  Columbia College

2. Rewind eSports

3. Team Exile Sure

4. Flux eSports

5. Team Ascension

6. Ambition White

7. Team Exile Venom

8. Super Nova Gemini

9. Paleo Pride

10. Fiesta Clowns

11. Vex eSports White

12. Vex eSports Flare

Imperial Esports Season 3 Placements:

IAL Placements

1. Team Precessions

2. Team Exile Venom

3. Redbird Esports

4. MidKnight Gaming

5. Super Nova Academy

6. Underdog Esports Green

7. Centurion Esports

8. Spirit Esports

9. EZG

10. Wicked Esports

11. Paleo Green

12. Ex-Moribund Esports

IPL Placements

1. Flash Point Esports

2. Zenith Esports

3. Underdog Esports

4. Serpentis Esports Black

5. Super Nova Esports

6. Team Ascension

7. Team Exile

8. Paleo Tundra

9. Blue Milk

10. Underdog White

11. Paleo Black

12. Ambition Gamers

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