Welcome To Our Community!

Paleo Gaming is an international community of online video game players and enthusiasts, combined with an Esports organization that fields competitive teams in games such as League of Legends. We endeavor to create a welcoming atmosphere and social platform for those who wish to discuss gaming, find new people to play with, and belong to a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals. Whether you come to play on our dedicated servers, to join our guilds, to try out for our competitive teams, or just because you are a fan who enjoys watching Esports and cheering for your favorite team, we hope that you come to consider Paleo Gaming a digital home away from home.

In November 2014, we decided to make our brand official, as part of our efforts to launch an e-sports team division. One year later we officially incorporated, and ever since have been working to increase our brand awareness and exposure, and to bring skilled talent on board to improve our competitive teams. 

To learn about what we stand for, please check out our Community Rules page where we highlight our core values as a company and community. The Games We Play page lists just a few of the most popular gaming franchises we have a presence in. We are always looking for new potential platforms to establish the community in, so don't be shy if you want to suggest one.

To learn a bit about our player base, check out the Members page, though it is by no means a comprehensive list (it only lists those who have officially taken a "Paleo" tag to use in-game. There are a great many other members who are still deciding how they want to be known within the Paleo Gaming Community!)

If you want to learn more about our competitive division, check out the Teams page, where you can see all of our currently operating teams, and their rosters.

A collection of videos can be found on our Youtube page ranging from tournament play, to interviews within and beyond the Paleo Gaming Community, and various streamed events our teams (and others) participate in as part of competitive Esports. In addition, the Live Stream page links directly to our twitch.tv page where you can watch tournaments, etc. live with commentary, or occasionally sit in on our competitive team practices. Sometimes you can even find individual players highlighting their solo adventures!

The News page will keep you up to date on major announcements and happenings in the community, and for the company. This is different than our Upcoming Events page, which list upcoming events in the games that we play for our player base, including any server updates we make, in-game events and competitions, tryouts for our competitive teams, etc.

Our Affiliates page lists our various sponsors, affiliates, and/or collaborative partners in the Esports world and beyond. If you are interested in helping to support Paleo Gaming, you can visit our Patreon page.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Twitch, and subscribe to our channel on Youtube!

Welcome, and enjoy!