News and Announcements

June 7, 2019- Paleo Gaming Becomes an Official Riot-Sanctioned League of Legends Tournament Provider, with a Path to Scouting Grounds

In June of 2019, Riot announced plans to incorporate semi-professional tournaments into the Scouting Grounds qualifier tournament, giving semi-professional teams a clear path to get in front of LCS teams scouts, coaches, and analysts. With this unprecedented opportunity, Paleo Gaming joined together with four other major tournament providers (Upsurge, Player One, Dark Star Gaming and FACEIT, the last of which provided the actual platform for this innovative tournament circuit) as official Riot-Sanctioned tournament providers. The details of this exciting development can be found in FACEIT’s official blog post here.

This represents a monumental step forward for Paleo Gaming’s Imperial Esports brand as a tournament provider, and provides an unprecedented clear path for teams to get in front of high level professional League of Legends organizations to potentially get scouted to these major teams. You can sign up for Paleo Gaming’s first qualifying tournament here.


June 6, 2019- Pride Month Announcement

Here at Paleo Gaming, we have always been proud supporters and allies of the LGBTQ+ community, and strive to provide a safe and inclusive environment within our community for all of our fellow gamers, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, religion, or any of the social constructs that would otherwise keep us separate. Our mutual love of gaming (video games, board games, card games, tabletop role-playing games, you name it!) unites us all into a single family.

This month is Pride Month, which for some is a time to celebrate how far the LGBTQ+ community has come, but for others represents a time of somber remembrance for how much was sacrificed to get here. It is important to us as a community to show our solidarity this month (and always) for our LGBTQ+ family and friends, and as such I wanted to share an excerpt from our upcoming TTRPG Omega Horizon which shows our commitment to standing strong as allies:

From the Section of character creation which covers “Genetic Modifications”:

…a character can also change their sex (male, female, etc.) using genetic modification. This procedure is surprisingly simple compared to splicing genetic material across species. Therefore, a character can change their sex without needing to pay a CP cost, and this modification does not take up a “slot” in the number of modifications allowed. When a character has their sex changed, the remainder of the genome is left intact (ie- traits for eye color, hair color, height, etc.) and security software in the future does not use sex as a targeting factor in identifying individuals- looking instead for markers in the iris of the eye, hair color, height, body type, etc. It should also be noted that regardless of the legality of more controversial genetic modifications (cross-species splicing), all of the factions presented within this book allow for legal sex-alteration gene therapy. It isn’t thought of as controversial at all, but is rather viewed as largely unimportant from a social and political standpoint.

That’s right, folks. Even in our dystopian futuristic society everyone recognizes trans rights. We’ll keep fighting until that happens here, too.

Trans rights are human rights.

Happy Pride Month, from our family to yours.

-Dan Prisco-Buxbaum (a.k.a. Paleo Praetor)

President of Paleo Gaming Inc.

February 22, 2019- Paleo Gaming Officially Reveals Tabletop RPG “Omega Horizon”

It has been one full year since we first announced our decision to begin developing a Tabletop RPG. Today, we are pleased to announce the title of our upcoming RPG: Omega Horizon (TM). We have added a dedicated page for our Omega Horizon product line in development to the Paleo Gaming Website, along with a very brief (currently vague) description of the game. More details will be released over time, especially as we get closer to the planned Kickstarter campaign for the game, which is scheduled to launch in the latter half of 2019.

In the meantime, we are continuing to develop the game, play-test the rules system, and have a team of professional artists (whose previous works include illustrations for major game production companies including Fantasy Flight Games, Wizards of the Coast, etc.) working on both concept level and finished art for the Core Rulebook. We hope that you will follow the development of the game closely, and will join us in a journey deep into the universe of Omega Horizon.

February 22, 2018- Paleo Gaming Announces Early Development of Our First Original Tabletop RPG

Here at Paleo Gaming we love Esports, but we also have a passion for Tabletop RPGs of all types, from classics like Dungeons and Dragons, to newer releases in the U.S. like Trudvang Chronicles, and more. That passion has led us to a monumental decision- to create a branch within the company devoted to developing Tabletop RPGs of our own for mass distribution! We are in the very early stages of development, and can't share much info at this stage (not even a title!) until we get the copyrights moving, but what we can say is this: the game will feature a new and original science fiction setting, along with a new and unique mechanics system we are building from the ground up.

It is our intention to use Kick Starter to fund the production of the Core Rulebook (with a number of stretch goals already in mind) in Q1 2019. Stay tuned for more information, concept art teasers, etc. as we continue through 2018 and get closer to launching the KS Campaign. We hope you are all as excited as we are!

February 3, 2018- Paleo Gaming Interviews the Creators of New Tabletop RPG "Sagas of Midgard"

The second article in our new Tabletop RPG review series is an interview with the creators of the upcoming new tabletop RPG "Sagas of Midgard". Nick Porter and Dominic De Duonni, the co-creators of the game, discuss the finer points of what it means to play a "cinematic" story-driven game, versus a rules-heavy RPG, and discuss what makes their upcoming title so unique. The Kickstarter campaign is already live, and the game reached its funding goal within the first 90 minutes of the campaign's launch, already having reached roughly three times the funding goal, with most of the month still remaining on the Kickstarter campaign.

Sagas of Midgard is described as "a new cinematic, story-oriented tabletop RPG based in a world of Norse Myth [...] a system that keeps numbers simple and instead lets the players' imagination be the hero.”

See the full interview here, and check out the game at Sagas of Midgard site by clicking on the logo below!

November 30, 2017- Paleo Gaming Interviews Riotminds Regarding the Upcoming English Release of Tabletop RPG "Trudvang Chronicles"

The president of Paleo Gaming, Dan Prisco-Buxbaum, recently sat down to interview Theo Bergquist, one of the founders of the Swedish-based company Riotminds, regarding the widely anticipated release of their tabletop role-playing game Trudvang Chronicles which was recently translated to English (and several other languages) following a massively successful Kickstarter campaign which surpassed its fundraising goal of 300,000 SEK by several orders of magnitude (bringing in nine times the target amount at over 2.7 million SEK).

Riotminds describes Trudvang as “an award-winning fantasy roleplaying game based on the mysterious and dark Nordic and Celtic sagas and myths. Enter a world of enchanted forests, trolls, dragons, spirits of nature, heroes and adventures. Trudvang is both grim and dark, epic and yet down to earth, with a melancholic tone of an ancient age when nature was a living creature and magic was wild and strong. Above all, Trudvang is a saga…

See the full interview here, and check out the game at Riotminds site by clicking on the Trudvang Chronicles logo!

September 21, 2017- Paleo Gaming Fields Paleo Black As Its First "Rocket League" Team

We are pleased to announce that Paleo Gaming will be fielding its first Rocket League team under the banner of Paleo Black. In addition to fielding a competitive team of Challenger 3+ players, Paleo Gaming will be exploring the opportunity to host Rocket League events under our Imperial Esports branch. Given the rapid growth of the competitive Rocket League scene, we are excited to finally get involved with this exciting competitive franchise.


July 18, 2017- Cancellation Announcement for Ward Esports "Local Legends II"

This week I had a long discussion with Gian and Jose Lincuna, the owners of Ward Esports, regarding the decision to change the tournament from a LAN event to an online only event, followed by a drastic reduction of the prize pool. As a result of this discussion, they arrived at the conclusion that due to changing circumstances, the best course of action with regards to "Local Legends 2" was to scrap the tournament, and refund all the teams involved (see their statement here). As the owner of a company which hosts events, I know how difficult that pill can be to swallow. Marketing the event costs money, along with other overhead costs that you can't recoup. Plus, it creates a black mark in the public consciousness that may set you back with future events. For all these reasons, most organizations choose (often at their own peril) to stay the course, and end up putting on a lackluster event that disappoints most people involved, and leaves an even longer lasting impression of failure.

Ward Esports did not make that mistake. When faced with an event that had failed, they owned the failure. They fully refunded the teams' registration fees, and issued an apology for misjudging the scope of the event they wanted to host; an event not only designed to benefit their company, but the amateur/semi-pro Esports scene as a whole. As the owner of one of the teams that had hoped to compete (Paleo Tundra) I can comfortably say I would participate in a Ward Esports event in the future. It takes strength of character to admit when you have faltered, and to pick yourself up and answer for that failure, and learn from your mistakes. In addition, Ward Esports has committed to open up more dialogue with team owners like myself to learn more about their craft- finding out what matters most to teams, and how to provide it in a way that generates the least amount of risk and maximizes potential profit for all parties involved. I am excited to see where their journey takes them next, and so long as the owners of Ward Esports retain their sense of integrity while running their company as they have been, I will always try and include our team(s) in their events in the future. A friend once told me "If you must fail, may you fail gracefully." Here's to failing gracefully, Ward Esports. We are glad to call you friends.

-Daniel Prisco-Buxbaum (a.k.a. Paleo Praetor)

President of Paleo Gaming Inc.

June 15, 2017- New ARK: Survival Evolved Server Featuring Free DLC "Ragnarok"

Unfortunately, the Center Map server operated by Paleo Gaming was erroneously deleted, and as a result, the dinosaurs and goods from this server cannot be migrated to our other server(s) in the Paleo Gaming Cluster. However, we have decided to take this opportunity to launch a new server within the Paleo Gaming Cluster which features the widely anticipated "ARK: Ragnarok" map and free DLC recently added to the game. We apologize for any inconvenience the loss of the Center Map server may have caused to our player base, and we will be working with players on an individual basis to try and replace some of what they lost on this new server. In the meantime, we anticipate that this new server will bring even more participation from the community, and we look forward to exploring this new, expansive (largest to date) world with you all.

June 5, 2017- Franchising and You; What Riot's Decision to Move Away from Auto Relegation Means for the Amateur and Semi-Professional League of Legends Scene

We haven't been keeping on top of our news updates recently, but rest assured we are hard at work shaping the future of Paleo Gaming and looking to see how we can help shape eSports in the coming months and years. In fact, part of why we haven't been posting updates recently is because of how busy we have been exploring our upcoming developments, and we are planning some big moves, so stay tuned! In the meantime, our president wanted to share his thoughts on Riot's recent announcement that the LCS (the top professional level of League of Legends) would be moving from an auto-relegation format to a franchising system. The short version- we are going to be seeing the same teams in the LCS year after year, and new teams will almost never be introduced. But what does it mean for everyone else? Here's what Praetor had to say about it:

"We have known for some time now that [Riot] was doing this. It honestly makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint, and I think it will actually bring major improvements to the LCS because the companies fielding these teams will feel much more comfortable investing in both their teams and the League, and frankly eSports in general. I also know that some people, particularly players in the diamond-master range, are discouraged by this move because they had dreams of qualifying for the NACS and fighting their way into the LCS, and I appreciate their frustration. However, this isn't a terrible thing for us. In fact, it's going to help out the amateur, semi-professional, and smaller professional organizations and companies in a big way. I have been urging my fellow team owners for the past few years to invest more in developing "our level" of the competitive scene, and focusing on marrying the semi-pro and collegiate level. That's finally starting to happen, especially in the wake of the franchising decision by Riot. I believe we [Paleo Gaming, and its subsidiary Imperial Esports] are positioned to help lead that movement, to make semi-professional League of Legends, and other eSports, sustainable not only as a stand-alone marketplace, but also as a potential scouting pool for the LCS teams as time goes on. This may seem a little daunting to some, but to me it presents and exciting opportunity, and I think it's a great time to be a part of the rapidly growing eSports industry." 

-Daniel Prisco-Buxbaum (a.k.a. Paleo Praetor)

President of Paleo Gaming Inc.

January 19, 2017- Paleo Gaming Inc. Appoints First Official General Manager

Paleo Gaming Inc. celebrated its first official year in business this past November, and in the year since incorporating we have seen many profound changes. In the past 12+ months we went from extremely humble beginnings to becoming one of the largest and most recognizable organizations in the semi-professional League of Legends scene.

In June, with the acquisition of Imperial Esports, we also took on the role of becoming one of the most respected and stable semi-professional tournament circuits within the League of Legends community. To date, Imperial Esports has paid out more than $5,000 in prize money to various semi-professional League of Legends teams that have competed in the events, and provided these teams with exposure and opportunities they would not have otherwise received.

It would be remiss if we did not mention the loyalty of our fans and community members, and the dedication and perseverance of our staff which helped make all of the success we achieved within the last possible. Among those individuals there was one in particular who volunteered countless hours, and worked tirelessly to help improve the Imperial Esports events through a transition period wrought with pitfalls, and continued to work to improve the events the following season. That individual is the General Manager of the Imperial Esports division of Paleo Gaming Inc.; AJ Rombach (known by the esports community as "Shuffledybot"). He still works continuously, alongside other Paleo Gaming and Imperial Esports staff to innovate new improvements to the events, to keep the rulebook relevant and fair, to handle any and all disputes among teams, and to try and ensure that the events remain profitable so that we can continue to provide the opportunities that so many semi-professional teams have enjoyed this past year while pursuing their dreams of becoming professional esports athletes.

As Season 4 officially comes to a close for Imperial Esports, and Paleo Gaming turns its eyes to this new year, full of opportunity, we are making the necessary changes that will allow us to best utilize our dedicated and talented staff. The first, and perhaps most significant, change that is being made is the appointment of Paleo Gaming's first General Manager: AJ Rombach. With the explosive growth Paleo Gaming has seen this past year, it has simply become too much for me to manage alone, and with AJ's assistance I feel confident that 2017 will hold amazing opportunities for expansion for the company.

What does all this mean? Well, AJ will be "in the trenches" with the various team and division managers within Paleo Gaming, freeing me up to focus more exclusively on growing the brand, and dealing with high level administrative requirements. While I will be plotting the course for the company, AJ will be steering the ship. He will be empowered to make decisions regarding day-to-day operations within the company which will, in many cases, mean faster response times for team managers and the like. I will, of course, remain available as much as possible to serve the community and company in whatever ways I am needed, but AJ will now be able to handle many of the small issues that inevitably arise during the daily operation of a community our size.

This also means that a new General Manager will be selected for the Imperial Esports division of Paleo Gaming Inc. That announcement should come soon.

In the meantime, I would like to congratulate AJ on his well deserved promotion. I look forward to working with him even more closely throughout 2017 and beyond. I look forward to announcing (soon) the plans for Season 5 of the Imperial Esports League of Legends tournament circuit, as well as planned expansions for the Imperial Esports brand. I also look forward to dedicating time and effort to fully launch Paleo Gaming Inc.'s new Esports Life brand as the year progresses. Last year, frankly, we kicked ass. This year we are going to do even better. Buckle up 2017, Paleo Gaming is on the rise.

-Daniel Prisco-Buxbaum (a.k.a. Paleo Praetor)

President of Paleo Gaming Inc.

November 13, 2016- Paleo Shop Holiday Season 2016 Sale Begins!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, and in order to commemorate the launch of our new Esports Life product line, we are happy to announce the start of the Holiday Season 2016 Paleo Shop sale! From now until December 31, 2016 we will be offering customers 15% off all purchases by using the code HOLIDAYCHEER at checkout! If you have been holding off on getting yourself some Paleo Swag, or have had your eye on some of the newly released Imperial Esports merchandise, what better time to add it to your holiday wish list? Happy Holidays, from our family, to yours!

November 12, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces Launch of "Esports Life" Line of Merchandise

Paleo Gaming has now launched a new branded merchandise line aimed at celebrating Esports- specifically at the Amateur and Semi-Professional level. The teams that dedicate so much time and effort at this level are too often overlooked due to lack of exposure and/or funding required to advertise and produce a line of merchandise for their own brands. As a result, Paleo Gaming is partnering with a number of other organizations to bring this unique product line to fans of the Amateur and Semi-Professional Esports scene. Esports Life merchandise will be available immediately in the Paleo Shop, starting with Imperial Esports branded T-shirts, and we will be adding team merchandise for other organizations as we head into the Holiday 2016 Season and beyond.

September 4, 2016- Paleo Gaming Expands Into Gears of War

Paleo Gaming has officially expanded into the competitive First Person Shooter (FPS) arena, picking up a Gears of War team which is scheduled to compete in the open qualifiers for Gears of War 4 in Columbus, Ohio on November 27th-29th, 2016. Tryouts are currently being scheduled to fill the fifth and final spot on the team, and Paleo Gaming has put out a call for a team manager and/or coach with experience in FPS games. The Gears of War Team will compete under the banner of Paleo Tundra with matching uniforms to their flagship sister team in League of Legends.

August 23, 2016- Paleo Tundra Official Team Uniforms Produced

Paleo Tundra official team uniforms have officially gone into production and will be shipping out soon to the team. The uniforms look fantastic, and the team is excited to receive their uniforms!

August 13, 2016- Local Legends #1; First Place Paleo Tundra

Paleo Tundra secured first place in a LAN tournament today at Local Battles in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Competing against skilled amateur and collegiate teams, Paleo Tundra defeated the team from Rutgers University to win first place! The event represented an important win for both Tundra and Paleo Gaming as this was the first LAN tournament which the flagship team attended, and the event had coverage from local radio station 1240 WGBB show "It Came From The Radio!". Congratulations Paleo Tundra! #PaleoPride #IceCold

July 22, 2016- The Game Haus Becomes An Official Sponsor of Imperial Esports

The Game Haus, a journalistic enterprise which covers both esports and traditional sports entered an agreement to become one of the official sponsors of current and future Imperial Esports events. The Game Haus represents one of the few journalistic enterprises which currently focuses on the amateur/semi-professional esports scene.

July 10, 2016- Radio Guest Spot: "It Came From The Radio!" AM 1240 WGBB

Paleo Praetor (Owner and President of Paleo Gaming) appears in a guest spot on the New York local radio show "It Came From The Radio" on AM 1240 WGBB. The show airs live at 4:30 pm EST. They will be interviewing Praetor about Esports, and Paleo Gaming! Please tune in to show your support and #PaleoPride and "like" the It Came From the Radio facebook page to support a great local radio show!

More info at

July 10, 2016- Imperial Esports First Intro Clips Revealed

Paleo Gaming is thrilled to introduce new graphics for our video content! Expect to see these new graphics utilized in our live stream and pre-produced content moving forward!

July 9, 2016- Imperial Esports New Logos Revealed

Paleo Gaming is excited to reveal the new and improved logo for the Imperial Esports property, and its tournament events. This new logo draws inspiration from Paleo Gaming to create a unique property that pays homage to its parent company, while maintaining its own identity as a serious provider of Esport tournaments and events.

June 17, 2016- Independence Day Sale Announced

Paleo Gaming is proud to be a U.S. based company, and in order to celebrate the upcoming Independence Day holiday here in the USA, we are offering 20% off on all purchases made from the Paleo Shop for the next thirty days by entering in the coupon code "FREEDOM". No limits apply regarding total number of items purchased, or how many times you can apply the code over the next month (*can only be applied once per purchase, but for an unlimited number of purchases within the next thirty days). God Bless America! Stock up on your Paleo Gaming swag, and this Independence Day while you are celebrating America with pride, show off your #paleopride as well!

June 5, 2016- New Paleo Gaming Video Graphics

Paleo Gaming is thrilled to introduce new graphics for our video content! Expect to see these new graphics utilized in our live stream and pre-produced content moving forward!

June 3, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces the Acquisition of Imperial Esports

Paleo Gaming is pleased to announce the acquisition of Imperial Esports as a fully owned Paleo Gaming property. Imperial Esports is an organization which provides League of Legends online tournaments at the semi-professional and amateur level with impressive prize pools, live stream coverage, and well organized match-ups between some of the biggest names in semi-professional esports. The entire staff of Imperial will stay on, under the banner of Paleo Gaming to continue to provide events and tournaments of the highest quality, and the Paleo Gaming broadcasting team will bring live stream coverage of the events to an even higher standard of professionalism, and improved production value. Imperial Esports will operate as an independent division within Paleo Gaming, so we can expect the same organization and consistent operation of the events we have seen previously. The Imperial Esports logo and brand will remain intact, as a unique property within the Paleo Gaming franchise. Welcome to the family, Imperial!


May 21, 2016- Paleo Gaming Reveals Logo for Team Paleo Pride

Paleo Gaming is pleased to reveal the fifth established logo for our competitive eSports teams. Team Paleo Pride has received a graphics treatment including banners for social media accounts. As with all of our other teams, the logos/mascots are being designed in keeping with the theme of each teams "hashtags" (in this case, Paleo Pride's hashtag is #PackHunters which is why the choice was made to go with a pack (or pride) of hunting raptors, set against a jungle backdrop). It is also worth noting that with the development of individual team logos, additional team merchandise will be arriving in the Paleo Shop soon!

May 11, 2016- Paleo Black Logo Altered

Paleo Gaming has had the logo for Paleo Black altered due to reports of contrast issues with the purple background. The new, light gray background and lettering should provide better contrast. Thank you to all of our fans and community members who weighed in, and let us know about the contrast issues!

May 4, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces 2016 Official Team Jerseys

Paleo Gaming is thrilled to reveal the first official 2016 team jerseys for our competitive teams. The first round of jerseys include uniforms for Paleo Tundra, Paleo White, and Paleo Green. Additional jerseys will be designed and released later in 2016 as Season 6 of League of Legends continues to progress. Please note that these official Jerseys WILL be for sale, but not immediately. Contact Paleo Praetor for additional details regarding how to purchase one of these sharp team uniforms! 

April 30, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces First Official Head Coach

Paleo Gaming is proud to announce that Scott "Scoot" Belmont has joined Paleo Gaming as Head Coach! Scoot previously worked as an analyst for CLG (Counter Logic Gaming), as well as working with organizations including (but not limited to) Stratos, Astral Authority, and Evolve Esports. This impressive pedigree demonstrates that Scoot possesses an intrinsic understanding of how the industry works, as well as the strategy and analysis that goes into making the strongest teams possible. Scoot has served both as a Coach (for Challenger players) and Analyst, but will be serving as Head Coach for the first time, and is excited to join the Paleo Gaming leadership team!

April 28, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces Return of Team Paleo Black

Paleo Gaming has relaunched the team that started it all! We are pleased to reveal the fourth newly established logo for our competitive eSports teams. Team Paleo Black has received a full graphics treatment including stream overlays and banners for social media accounts. As with team Paleo White, the logos/mascots are being designed in keeping with the theme of each teams "hashtags" (in this case, Paleo Black's hashtag is #BlackMagic which is why the choice was made to go with a shadowy arcane Tyrannosaurus Rex). It is also worth noting that with the development of another team logo, additional team merchandise will be arriving in the Paleo Shop!

April 26, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces Relaunch of "What's Clever with Ever"

Paleo Gaming has relaunched the popular Esports talk show series "What's Clever with Ever", previously produced by Paleo Ever when he owned Darkwave Gaming. Now, under the banner of Paleo Gaming, "What's Clever with Ever" has been re-imagined to bring high quality content to the Paleo Gaming community, and the Esports community at large. Featuring interviews with Esports personalities and players, and examining questions intrinsic to the Esports Industry, the show tackles large subjects like contracts and regulations, all the way down to the minutia of patch notes. Check out our video content to learn more!

April 7, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces New Prize Packages

Paleo Gaming has teamed up with our sponsors at Cherp LoL to bring you guys exciting new prize packages that will be given away throughout the year. As always, participating in our prize giveaways is completely free, and is one of the many ways we seek to express gratitude for the time, energy, loyalty, and dedication of our community members. These new prize packages will include the following:

-Paleo Gaming Mouse Pad

-Paleo Gaming Sweatshirt (May Include a Team Sweatshirt)

-Paleo Gaming T-shirt (May Include a Team T-shirt)

-Paleo Gaming Exclusive Poster (May Include a Team Poster)

and finally

-Win a Plantronics RIG 505 LAVA Stereo PC Gaming Headset
With a durable, lightweight frame and isolating earcups, you'll focus on your gameplay as background noise is blocked during your epic egaming sessions. 

The total approximate retail value of the prize package is over $150!

We would like to thank our sponsors at Cherp LoL for helping to make this prize package a reality, and for all of their support.

Thank you Plantronics for generously donating the RIG 505 LAVA Stereo PC Gaming Headsets

March 5, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces Dark Souls 3 Release Stream

Paleo Salle (of Full Cooperation) will be playing Dark Souls 3 on for a special 24-hour stream on its release date (April 12th, 2016) from 11:00 am on the 12th of April to 11:00 am on the 13th of April. During the live stream there will be several promotional giveaways, including Paleo Gaming merchandise and a copy of the game (on the platform of the winner's choice)! We hope you can join us for the streamed event to give Salle some support and encouragement (24 hour streams are very taxing!) and to possibly win some cool gear!

March 5, 2016- Paleo Gaming Officially Announces New Teams Paleo Storm and Paleo Sky

Paleo Gaming is pleased to officially announce two new teams which have joined the Paleo Gaming family: Paleo Storm (primarily Platinum tier players; #StormyWater) and Paleo Sky (primarily Silver tier players; #AncientSky). The roster for Paleo Storm will be released in the coming weeks, and the roster for Paleo Sky is already on our teams page. Paleo Sky also secured their first tournament win today, securing first place in the first official "Initial Gaming Amateur Open" tournament of Initial Gaming. Paleo Sky is also the first team on the Paleo Gaming team roster that has the majority of its players living in the same geographic location- based out of Long Island, New York. We hope this will create more opportunities for Paleo Gaming teams to compete in local LAN events, to help the local Esports scene continue to grow and develop.

February 16, 2016- Paleo Penguino Joins the Paleo Gaming Community as a Content Provider and Official Shoutcaster

Just as Paleo Ever (the former CEO of Dark Wave Gaming) joined the ranks of Paleo Gaming in January; another former eSports organization owner that fielded a competitive League of Legends team has joined Paleo Gaming this week as a shout caster and content provider. Operating under the new moniker Paleo Penguino, the former owner of Flytlez Gamer's Club now calls Paleo Gaming home! Paleo Penguino will be joining Paleo Ever as a primary shout caster for Paleo Gaming featured events and will be working alongside Paleo Praetor to develop new and innovative content for the community and amateur esports as a whole. He is very excited to be a part of the organization, and looks forward to getting to know all of our community members and what it means to have #PaleoPride.

February 15, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces its First Official Sponsor: Cherp LoL

Paleo Gaming is ecstatic to announce that as of February 15, 2016 Cherp LoL is now the first official sponsor of Paleo Gaming! Cherp LoL is a social app which allows League of Legends eSports enthusiasts to chat while displaying real-time score updates for LCS matches in progress. Form private chat rooms to stick together with friends, or join public chat rooms to sling salty memes at fans of the opposing team with "Burn Packs" provided in-app. Cherp LoL is a proud official sponsor of Paleo Gaming's competitive eSports teams, and gaming community, and we will be incorporating a number of upcoming events into their app to enhance our community members' experience.

With this official sponsorship comes many opportunities for Paleo Gaming, the first of which will be the production of official team uniforms for Paleo Tundra, Paleo White, and Paleo Green, and potential tournament opportunities that would not be possible without the patronage of Cherp. We look forward to working with the team over at Cherp to bring exciting prize giveaways to upcoming live stream events, and to share their great new app with our members!

February 8, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces Charity In-House Tournament

With the Super Nova eSports "League Amateur Series" (LAS) Tournament Series coming up, Paleo Gaming has decided to hold an in-house tournament between Paleo Tundra, Paleo White, and Paleo Green to determine which team will be submitted for the tournament series. We have decided that this tournament also poses an opportunity to lend a hand to some members of our community who are struggling with unfortunate circumstances that have fallen upon their family. Throughout the live stream of the tournament we will be directing people to the donation page to help their family out. The page can be found here. Any donation helps, even a small amount such as $5 can go a long way if we all pitch in. The online gaming community is an exceptionally generous and tight-knit community. This family has gamers spanning multiple generations and Paleo Gaming has already made a donation to help support their cause. Check the upcoming events page for more details on the tournament!

January 31, 2016- Paleo Gaming Reveals Logo for Team Paleo Tundra

Paleo Gaming is pleased to reveal the third newly established logo for our competitive eSports teams. Team Paleo Tundra has received a full graphics treatment including stream overlays and banners for social media accounts. As with team Paleo White, the logos/mascots are being designed in keeping with the theme of each teams "hashtags" (in this case, Paleo Tundra's hashtag is #IceCold which is why the choice was made to go with a sabertooth tiger, set against a mountainous backdrop). It is also worth noting that with the development of individual team logos, additional team merchandise will be arriving in the Paleo Shop!

January 29, 2016- Paleo Gaming Reveals Logo for Team Paleo Green

Paleo Gaming is pleased to reveal the second newly established logo for our competitive eSports teams. Team Paleo Green has received a full graphics treatment including stream overlays and banners for social media accounts. As with team Paleo White, the logos/mascots are being designed in keeping with the theme of each teams "hashtags" (in this case, Paleo Green's hashtag is #GreenMachine which is why the choice was made to go with a robotic Triceratops). The next team getting the logo treatment is newly announced team Paleo Tundra, and it is estimated that the logo will arrive sometime in February. It is also worth noting that with the development of individual team logos, additional team merchandise will soon be arriving in the Paleo Shop!

January 28, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces New Competitive Team: Paleo Tundra

Paleo Gaming is proud to announce the addition of a new competitive eSports team Paleo Tundra. The team roster (which can be found on our “teams” page) consists of the entire roster of former Super Nova team SN Orion. Paleo Tundra has high hopes that they will be able to potentially secure a spot in the NALCS Open Qualifiers for Season 6. To assist in reaching these goals, Paleo Tundra has been assigned a dedicated coach and analyst.

Super Nova COO Tyler Combs had this to say of the team’s transition to Paleo Gaming: “We are happy to have known the original roster of Super Nova Orion, and have nothing but great thanks for the things as a team they helped us achieve. Now moving over to their new chapter with Paleo, we hope they can give them the same kind of movement towards the amateur scene.”

January 21, 2016- Paleo Gaming Reveals Logo for Team Paleo White

During the 2016 Paleo Gaming leadership team annual kick-off meeting, it was revealed that the Paleo Gaming competitive eSports teams would be getting their own unique logo to set them apart and enrich the experience of community members, fans, and team members. The first phase of that process is complete, and we are proud to reveal the newly established logo for team Paleo White! The logos/mascots are being designed in keeping with the theme of each teams "hashtags" (in this case, Paleo White's hashtag is #WhiteKnights which is why the Mammoth was designed to wear armor and is encased by a shield). The next team getting the logo treatment is team Paleo Green, and it is estimated that the logo will arrive sometime in February. It is also worth noting that with the development of individual team logos, team merchandise will soon be arriving in the Paleo Shop!


January 18, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces Mascot Naming Contest

As part of the upcoming LoLHistoryApp Tournament Championship presented by Paleo Gaming, it was announced that a contest will be held to name the Raptor "mascot" for Paleo Gaming. Submissions, which can be made through the "Contact Us" link on the website, will be collected through the end of March 2016. From the submissions, the top 5 potential names will be selected, and during the Championship stream, a vote will be held in which the viewers of the live stream will be able to choose the name of the mascot. The individual who submitted the winning name will be rewarded with recognition on the Paleo Gaming website and various social media accounts along with a (yet to be revealed) in-game prize package in one (or more) of the community's popular games.

As always, community rules must be followed in the process of submissions, so please no names that are rude, lewd, or in some other way in violation of what the community stands for.

January 13, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces the Launch of the Paleo Shop

The Paleo Shop is an online store where fans and community members can find exclusive Paleo Gaming brand merchandise including t-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, and other swag for your collection. At launch, the shop will only sell t-shirts and sweatshirts, and mouse pads will come to the shop on January 20, 2016. More merchandise will arrive throughout 2016 and beyond. Check out the shop here.

January 9, 2016- Paleo Gaming to Broadcast LoLHistoryApp Tournament Qualifier and Championship Finals

Paleo Gaming has officially come to an agreement with the LoLHistoryApp team to broadcast the upcoming LoLHistoryApp paid tournament with monetary prizes. Paleo Gaming will broadcast the tournament's qualifier finals in all four rounds leading up to the Spring Championship, and will then broadcast the Spring Championship as well. Paleo Ever will shoutcast the tournament, but fans can expect to see some guest casters as well- both from Paleo Gaming and potentially from other eSports organizations as well. In addition to watching an exciting series of events live, prize giveaways will be held for viewers, along with some other events to keep the viewers involved and engaged throughout the stream! Check the events calendar for the dates of the tournament qualifier finals and the championship, and check in on twitter and facebook for further announcements.

January 7, 2016- Paleo Ever Joins the Paleo Gaming Community as a Content Provider and Official Shoutcaster

Formerly known as DW EverPaleo Ever is the former CEO of Dark Wave Gaming; an organization that fielded a competitive League of Legends team and hosted/live streamed tournament events, known for running weekly "Fight Nights" which pitted competitive eSports teams against one another in a single match that awarded the winning team a coveted spot in the primary Dark Wave Gaming invitational tournament. When Dark Wave closed shop, Ever decided to bring his unique talents an experience to Paleo Gaming because he recognized the strength, loyalty, and enthusiasm of its community, and because he believes in the company's values. We are pleased to have Paleo Ever on the team as a shoutcaster, and also as a content creator who will be reinstating his popular vlog series "What's Clever with Ever" for Paleo Gaming.

January 1, 2016- Paleo Gaming Announces the "Paleo Player of the Month" Member Spotlight

Each month (starting January 2016) an exemplary community member, nominated by one of the Paleo Gaming community administrators, will be selected as the "Paleo Player of the Month". This member, who should exemplify #PaleoPride and the values that the community strives to maintain, will be rewarded with top billing on the Paleo Gaming members page for the month, and a spot in the Player of the Month archive.

December 30, 2015- Paleo Green Roster Changes Complete for Season 6

Team Paleo Green is officially classified as "Active" once more following sweeping roster changes and restructuring. Paleo JackS will serve as captain for the team while also serving as the primary ADC for the team. Paleo Green formerly served as the "Silver" team for Paleo Gaming, a role that will now be filled by an additional team (more to follow on that in the coming weeks) as Paleo Green steps up into mostly Gold and Platinum ranked players. Paleo Green will be entering tournaments alongside Paleo White which also features Gold, Platinum, and Diamond players and remains captained by Paleo Tristocchi.

December 10, 2015- Paleo Gaming Launches a Re-Envisioned World of Warcraft Guild

Paleo Gaming has officially founded a new guild in World of Warcraft on the Wyrmrest Accord server. The guild, a Horde faction guild known as Paleo Pandemic, will cater to both casual and competitive players and will have a raiding component. Please contact Paleo Praetor or Paleo Lalark for more information!

November 26, 2015- Paleo Gaming and Full Cooperation Launch Their First Collaboration; an Interview Introduction to Paleo Gaming

Paleo Gaming Owner/President Daniel Prisco-Buxbaum (a.k.a. Paleo Praetor) is interviewed by John of Full Cooperation as part of a new collaboration initiative in what is to be the first of many interviews, game reviews, and podcasts produced by Full Cooperation exclusively for Paleo Gaming. This is the first part of a larger initiative to create constantly updated content for the Paleo Gaming Community in an effort to bring further value to our members. 

November 12, 2015- Paleo Gaming Inc. is Officially Incorporated

Paleo Gaming Inc. is officially founded as a corporation by CEO Daniel Prisco-Buxbaum (a.k.a. Paleo Praetor) in New York State.