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League of Legends Live Stream and Mystery Skin Giveaway

On Saturday we will be live streaming for several hours as a team, playing normals to start working on our teamplay on the newly updated Summoners Rift, while learning how the new itemization changes, jungle changes, and smite effects will impact our strategies.

In order to try and attract more viewers we will be hosting a mystery skin giveaway to try and involve you guys as viewers more. A mystery skin will be gifted to one random viewer one week after the stream. Giveaway rules are as follows:

  • You must be a follower for the stream.
  • You must play League of Legends and have an account eligible to receive gifts on the North America (NA) server.
  • You must be friends with Paleo Praetor the day of the event (all requests will be accepted) and for at least long enough for the gifting to take place.
  • You must announce yourself in the live stream chat (and more participation is preferred) and you must be present for the stream's duration (so even if you are shy, checking in periodically in chat is encouraged to ensure we know you are still with us)
  • You must abide by the community rules while present, which you can find conveniently right on our website on a dedicated page
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