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Paleo Green Receives Newly Appointed Captain

It is our pleasure to announce that team Paleo Green has a newly appointed team captain, following the decision to completely restructure the team. Paleo Kiexeo, an ADC primary, takes over the helm from Paleo Piett. Tryouts are currently being held for all roles on the team, both in primary and alternate slots. Paleo Piett remains a member of the community, but decided to take a step back from leadership. He intends to remain a potential support player for Paleo Green.

Paleo Kiexeo is enthusiastic about his new post, and intends to tackle the task of rebuilding an even better, stronger, reinvigorated team. Those who are interested in trying out for the team should contact Paleo Kiexeo in game, or contact us via the "contact us" section of the website.

Paleo Praetor