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ARK: Survival Evolved Primary Server Modifications

In order to prepare for the launch of the second "wild" server, we are making a few minor alterations to Paleo Gaming's dedicated Ark: Survival Evolved "Casual" (original) server. The alterations being made are quality of life upgrades which include:

Decreased the rate at which dinosaurs get hungry, which will alleviate some of the effort required to constantly feed them (Dinosaurs will now generate hunger at 1/5 the standard speed)

Diseases (added in a recent update) are no longer permanent (Standard servers have permanent diseases. We have altered our server so that player respawn gets rid of diseases)

The new server which we are going to be opening in the near future, featuring "The Center" map, will aim to provide a more intense experience for players, and will utilize "standard" difficulty, tame times, etc. In order to allow players to play on both servers, without worrying about their dinosaur friends starving on the more casual primary server (called affectionately "Dino Farmville" by some of our community members) we will continue to roll out quality of life upgrades, to make that server more forgiving. Stay tuned!