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New Minecraft Server Launch

Hello all! 

There is a new minecraft server up and running for all to enjoy! 

It came to my attention that the old server was filling a niche that Ark currently fills better, so it has been stripped down and reworked. 

Current Mods: 
BuildCraft, RailCraft, Forestry, NotEnoughItems, BiblioCraft, and a few utility mods

The rules are simple: have fun, don't disrespect anyone on the server, and no griefing other player's builds. 

It is a modded Forge server, so the easiest way to join is below: 
1. Go to and download the client. 
2. Once installed, the menu options along the top are "Discover", "Modpack" and "News". Click on "Modpack", and in the search bar, type in "Paleo Gaming" and click on the pack once it appears. 
3. In the bottom right, an option should appear to install the pack. Do it. 
4. The "Install" button changes to "Play" after a little. Go ahead, click it. 
5. Minecraft will load, click on Multiplayer, type whatever you want for the server name (I recommend "Paleo Gaming") and the address will be EXACTLY this:

6. Play with us! 

Feel free to message me in game or on the forums, or if i am on teamspeak with any questions/concerns/compliments!

Paleo Nysus