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New Server Administrator and a Thank You to our Admins

Hey everyone,

Today we officially named Paleo Aibi a server admin for the Paleo Gaming ARK: Survival Evolved server. Aibi has been part of Paleo Gaming since its inception, and has remained an integral part of the community since that time serving as a member of League of Legends team Paleo Black during the 2015 season (Season 5), as well as playing a multitude of other games within the community.

While on the topic of administrators, we also wanted to take a moment to thank some of our other administrators:

Paleo Ezra deserves a shout out for updating our Teamspeak 3 Server with a more sleek and professional design, as well as incorporating a banner with our Logo. Paleo Ezra pays for the server out of his own pocket as well as donating his time to run the server and make sure it operates smoothly. It's easy not to think about the inner workings of running a server but every time we log in it is there for us. When there are issues most people aren't even aware because of how fast Ezra addresses it, and when we add a new game or team to the roster he often beats me to the punch to add a dedicated channel.

Paleo Nysus recently re-launched the Paleo Gaming Minecraft server despite all the time and energy he put into the first server, because we felt that our new ARK: Survival Evolved server filled the niche we were designing with the Minecraft server. Therefore, he went back to the drawing board and started over fresh, hosting the server on his own dime for the community, much like Ezra. Nysus is a newer addition to the Paleo Gaming community, but is no less dedicated, and we are fortunate to have him on the team.

Finally, Paleo Poseidon has been working overtime on helping elevate League of Legends team Paleo White, which is currently our top tier competitive league team within the community. He not only has done a stellar job building a strong team of skilled players who represent our community in the best way, but he also has strengthened existing relationships between Paleo Gaming and our affiliates, and is working closely with me to help forge new relationships for the community going forward. Poseidon is a rising star in the community and we expect great things from him going forward.

So thank you, Paleo Ezra, Paleo Nysus, and Paleo Poseidon, for your continued work for the community, and congratulations to Paleo Aibi for joining our dedicated and talented administrative team.

Paleo Praetor

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