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ARK: Survival Evolved Server Updates

Today we are rolling out a few tweaks to Paleo Gaming's dedicated Ark: Survival Evolved server. I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about all the alterations we have made to the server up to this point, for those who have not seen that information yet. The alterations in place prior to today are:

Increased Day/Night Cycle (Standard is 18 minutes of day and 18 minutes of night. Out server has 32 minutes of day and 24 minutes of night)

Increased Taming Speed Multiplier (1.5x taming speed; standard value is 1x)

Server Difficulty Value 0.5 (maximum wild dinosaur levels approximately 60)

The following changes are rolling out today:

Server Difficulty Value 0.7 (maximum wild dinosaur levels approximately 90)

No Tributes (due to some player abuse, people can no longer transfer characters or dinosaurs from other servers to our server)

Increased Egg Laying Rate (dinosaurs lay eggs with a 1.5x frequency; standard value is 1x)

Increased Crop Growth Rate (crops grow 1.5x faster; standard value is 1x)

Decreased Dino Stamina Drain (this is a small quality of life increase. Normal stamina drain set to 1x, we reduced it to 0.75x which means your dinosaurs stamina should drain a bit slower, allowing you to run/fly faster before needing to rest. It shouldn't have a huge impact on the game, but should provide a small quality of life increase)

That's it for the changes we have made so far. Look for the changes to roll out on the server at some point this morning, and happy hunting survivors!

Paleo Praetor

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ARK: Survival Evolved
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ARK: Survival Evolved Server Updates