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ARK: Survival Evolved

We are pleased to announce that Paleo Gaming is now hosting an ARK: Survival Evolved server for any members who want to join in the fun of trying to survive on an island inhabited by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The game, a survival fps with the ability to construct buildings, tools, etc. can best be described as "Minecraft meets Turok: Dinosaur Hunter". It goes a step further, however, adding the social aspect of being able to form tribes with shared resources, and waging war against other tribes if you see fit, using your dinosaurs as combat mounts and even siege weapons.

The graphics are visually stunning, and the game play is compelling and fun. The server currently has 30 player slots, which we will increase on an as-needed basis. The server is currently password protected and while it is technically a pvp-enabled server we are all working together at this time. Going forward we may allow pvp on the interior of the island, leaving the shore for newer players not ready to duke it out with the veterans.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Paleo Praetor, email us through the website, or ask around in the teamspeak channel. Happy hunting everyone!

Paleo Praetor

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