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League of Legends Ranked Team Tryouts

Hey everyone,

With Season 5 of League of Legends drawing to a close, the leadership team has been having the important conversations about the direction the community will be moving in as we enter Season 6. After careful consideration, Paleo White will likely have few to no roster changes going into Season 6. Paleo Black and Paleo Green however, will be undergoing fairly radical restructuring during the pre-season.

Paleo Black is going to be refocused as a local competitive team in the northeastern United States, with plans to attend tournaments in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc. once the team roster is updated. Community members living in this region are encouraged to participate in tryout which will be held during the pre-season, with dates to follow. As part of this change, Paleo Black will look to bring on a Coach for the team as well, who is a higher ELO player (likely Diamond).

Paleo Green will be restructured to largely fill the space previously occupied by Paleo Black as an online-only competitive team alongside Paleo White. Once again, tryouts will be held in the pre-season, and more information is to follow.

Finally, if enough interest exists, a fourth competitive team will be formed going into Season 6, comprised of community members who tried out but didn't secure spots on the teams above. This will be revisited at the end of the tryout period, around the time Season 6 officially starts.

If any of you have questions about how to get involved, or simply want to know more about why these changes are coming, etc. please reach out to me personally. As always, you can reach me via email (conveniently located on this website) or through any of my in-game handles.

Thank you to all of you for putting so much support and heart into helping our community grow and thrive.

Paleo Praetor