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First Round Tryouts for Paleo Gaming Ranked LoL Teams

Hey everyone,

It's finally that time! Season 5 has ended, and end of season rewards have been delivered, so now it is time to focus on the pre-season changes, not just for the game, but also for Paleo Gaming. The preliminary tryouts are going to take place the weekend leading up to, and the week of Thanksgiving (with no games being held on the day of Thanksgiving itself). Many students are home from college, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to bring some of you potentials together to play some in-house games. The games will be held one at a time from 4:30 pm EST to 7:30 pm EST each evening in this time period, and all day on Friday, November 27th. Please contact us at if you are definitely going to be participating and/or if you have scheduling issues and would like to request an additional scheduled set of matches. You can also contact Paleo Praetor or Paleo Poseidon in the game client to learn more. Paleo Poseidon will be setting up the matches.

You can participate in as many games as you would like over this period of time, and Paleo Gaming scouts will be spectating and recording the games for further post-game analysis. Performance in these matches will determine your team placements for the second round of tryouts, and may be reflective of your final team placement, however, don't be discouraged if you don't have the best games of your life- rosters will remain flexible until we feel we have set up the best fits possible for Season 6.

What we will be looking for will be (in no particular order): Strategy, Mechanic Strength (execution of abilities, response time, etc), Coordination/Communication (ability to give and/or follow orders; we will be passing around the shot-caller and captain role a bit), Team Chemistry (people should get along and have play styles that mesh well) and Attitude (stay positive people, no toxicity). This list is not all inclusive, but these are some of the more important qualities we will be looking for.

We hope that you will all participate, and wish you the best of luck in tryouts. We look forward to building strong teams heading into Season 6, and more importantly we hope you all have fun! See you on the fields of justice, summoners.

Paleo Praetor

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