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ARK: Survival Evolved Server Updates

In order to keep up with growth on the server, and higher level players, we are making a few minor alterations to Paleo Gaming's dedicated Ark: Survival Evolved server. The alterations being made are:

Increased Server Difficulty Setting to 4.0 (Max Wild Dinosaur Level Increased to 120. This is the highest standard difficulty level)

Increased Taming Speed Multiplier (Standard value is 1x, former value 1.5x, increased to 2x)

Decreased Dinosaur Stamina Drain (Standard value is 1x, former value 0.75x, decreased to 0.5x)

Dinosaur Resistance Increased (Standard value is 1x, new value is 0.75x meaning dinosaurs take 3/4 damage from attacks)

Given the increased difficulty of the server, the taming speed multiplier increase should make it easier to tame lower level dinosaurs for new players joining the server, without making it too easy for higher level players to tame max level dinosaurs. The decrease to dinosaur stamina drain reflects the fact that stamina drain seems to have more value in heavy pvp servers, but as our server is more pve focused it ends up providing an unnecessary handicap more often than not. Stamina should play a role, as it is a survival game, but we feel these values might be more realistic. We may change the stamina drain back if it has too large an impact on game play. Finally, we increased dinosaur resistances, mainly because we have found that tamed dinosaurs die too easily due to clumsy mistakes, or momentary unintended combat. This change also affects wild dinosaurs, so intended combat (that which you initiate) between dinosaurs should, in effect, remain largely unchanged. However, this change should give you a chance to escape undesired combat with a tamed dinosaur intact. Furthermore, it will make it harder for players to kill wild dinosaurs without using tamed dinosaurs, providing more of a rewarding challenge for would-be hunters, and/or increasing player reliance on taming dinosaurs which is a major theme of the game.

Let us know what you think of the changes!

Paleo Praetor